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Who are the NJ Bulldogs?

The NJ Bulldogs Basketball Association is a non-profit youth organization fully staffed by volunteers. We endeavor the opportunity to provide both boys and girls of similar age and dissimilar abilities to participate in an organized basketball program. We believe that basketball is an ideal venue to teach attributes such as sportsmanship, discipline, cooperation, competition, self-confidence, and teamwork. All while shaping student athletes, putting the same amount of emphasis on school as we do basketball.

The NJ Bulldogs administration team knows what it takes to run a successful Travel/AAU program. Our coaches have extensive experience, coaching, training, and mentoring at this level of competition. (see our coaches profile) This past 2017-18 season, our group successfully fielded 17 teams, seven national and ten regional from third through eleventh grade. Each year our coaches and kids have grown and our program as a whole, has blossomed. Our passionate coaches, supportive parents and committed players have created a family-like culture within our program that we take a great amount of pride in.

Bulldogs are based out of North Brunswick located in Central New Jersey. Our Spring season operates from February to June, with tryouts late in January. Our Fall season operates from September to December with tryouts late in August. Our registration rates are extremely affordable considering the amount of activities which we participate in throughout the season. The Regional teams enter into about six tournaments, while our National teams enter into about eight events. We provide player insurance for each individual and offer practice twice a week. (e-mail for inquiries)

NJ Bulldogs Basketball Association will host more than 250 basketball games this season. We also offer training sessions for players looking to develop their game but not quite ready to play on a team. Close to 200 children will participate in our program and nearly 2,200 youth participants will be associated with the NJ Bulldogs leagues, tournaments and/or training sessions. Roughly 400 1st & 2nd place trophies will be awarded. Six “National” teams and Ten (plus) “Regional” teams will operate in the Spring and Fall seasons, playing throughout the tri-state region and across the country. We’re looking forward to this upcoming season and all we’re looking to accomplish.


Nothing but love from the bulldog family! Open, honest and fair. Great coaching staff! They really love what they are doing and love the kids on all levels. Pumped that Dan is on the team and getting the opportunity to learn real basketball! woof!

A. Bellevia

In my sons short career, he has played on several teams, whether it be for a season or a fill in for a tournament. We have continued to search for a team that had a coach that would push him, a team that worked together and played hard on both sides of the ball, an…

A Seay

I’ve seen my son’s Cameron and Donovan flourish in the bulldog program. What you guys are providing to these boys are well beyond the expectations we had. I dare say the Bulldogs run the best program in the state of NJ. The proof is in the accomplishments the young men and women are making. You…

R. Piggie

So glad that we joined the family. We are “New” dogs but you all have embraced us with open arms and now that we are here…we want to do whatever we can to make it greater… Kenny…Miles…and Malcolm do so much for these boys and the community. If some of these kids did not have…

L. Sanders

For the past three years the Bulldogs have been good to my two kids. I believe the coaching is fair and they treated my son’s with respect. The bulldogs leadership is proving day to day, month to month and year to year that they are one of the best in the industry from training, coaching…

B. Claggett