DogPound Training


DogPound Training is a principal basketball conditioning and skill instruction program.
It’s the idea of pushing your body to the limit while repetitiously completing drills to enhance your skills.

What IS DogPound Training?


The DogPound is any gym the bulldogs are in. Oftentimes we underestimate the idea of daily workouts and enhancing our game. Often done by hundreds of other amateur and professional athletes worldwide. DogPound is the idea of “locking in” and focusing on the details of instructions while attacking every dribble, every cone, every shot like a dog. It includes everything to help you reach the top of your skill. People whom we train will not necessarily be using their strengths on a regular basis. Still it provides a well-rounded course of basketball training for anyone. DogPound trainers skill level will be impactful regardless of player level. Once again, the Dogpound approach is designed for universal scalability. Beginner and advanced levels ensure that any person with no previous basketball experience benefit.

The beauty of the Dogpound appeal is that it can be used to train anyone, with a great benefit for strength and performance on the court. It makes possible to train both an eleven year old beginner or a 22 year collegiate player. All while following the one and same goal, get better. This is done by tweaking each workout individually (in both the workouts’ intensity and detail of instruction). Each workout is exercised within a small group of players. It’s always scaled across all skill levels. With the Bulldogs, you will have the guidance and motivational support of our premier trainers and coaches!

People whom we would recommend taking our Dogpound classes:

●  Professionals, preparing for competitions
●  HighSchool or College level players
●  Amateur athletes with a mid to long experience i n organized basketball
●  Beginners interested in fundamentals & repetition


Monday through Friday 


●  Ball handling, Shooting, Endurance, Strength, Speed etc.
●  Indoor/Outdoor Courts
●  Motivational Instructors
●  Bring a Basketball


Group         – Beginner – $30/hour Advanced – $25/hour
Individual – Beginner – $35/hour Advanced $30/hour